Reform party policies

Leaving the undemocratic EU was just the beginning. People’s eyes have been opened as to the benefits of being an independent sovereign nation. Reform is now possible and essential in these key areas:

1. Reform our Economy:

To succeed faster growth is vital. Higher growth rates are the only way to better wages and more tax revenues that can be invested in better healthcare and other public services. Our bold economic vision frees up over 6 million people from paying Income Tax and frees up over 1.2 million small businesses and self-employed from paying Corporation Tax. We would also aim to remove a raft of other stifling taxes in a responsible, timely way. This will generate much faster growth than seen in recent decades. We must also stop wasting taxpayers money.

2. Reform our Public Sector:

We must be ambitious, seeking faster, more efficient public services that work better for us all. For example, with health, we should demand zero waiting lists and we have a bold plan to achieve this vision. Our police need to focus on preventing crime and catching criminals. Our schools must educate our children properly to prepare them for a competitive, challenging world. Our Border Force must protect our borders.

3. Reform our Energy Strategy:

We all care about the environment and want cleaner air, and we can do this in a strategic, affordable way. Yet the Westminster Net Zero plan is making us all net poorer whilst creating more emissions overall as it outsources them overseas. It is therefore net stupid. It is adding huge extra costs to us all as consumers and to our businesses. This will send hundreds of thousands of British jobs to China and elsewhere. Our energy plan will use our own energy treasure under our feet, and create thousands of British jobs, by making our industries competitive again. It will save consumers considerable amounts of money on their bills every year. We would also nationalise 50% of key utility companies to stop consumers being ripped off with the other 50% being owned by British pension funds for British pensioners.

4. Reform our Institutions:

Major change is needed to the bodies that impact our lives — the unelected cronyism of the House of Lords, the unaccountable civil service and the bloated BBC. Reform is essential to our voting system so it is fairer and more representative; the two-party system embeds the status quo and prevents real change.

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Reform UK policies 

Reform Party

As a nation we have so much potential, so much that we should be optimistic about. We can make Britain great again!


People’s eyes have been opened as to the benefits of being an independent sovereign nation. Reform is now possible and essential in these key areas...

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