Welcome to Emma Guy Reform

Emma Guy Mid Cheshire Parliamentary Candidate Reform UK

Welcome to my new website, designed specifically to provide you with updates on local and national issues, the progress of Reform UK, and news on how I can make a difference locally.

Of course, I can’t do this without your help and support and I would encourage you to use the contact page to get in touch and let me know if you can support this cause. Everyone is welcome and I will be grateful for support in areas as diverse as social media management to leaflet deliveries.

Recently, we’ve all heard friends and relatives complain about the state of the country. No one appears to be happy with the existing state of affairs and frequently we are told that ‘someone should do something about it’. The problem is, very few people are willing to even try for fear of a toxic cancel culture on social media and the very real project of threats from opponents. 

To make a change, someone has to be willing to stand up and do something, not just complain about it from the sidelines. I can no longer, with a clear conscience, sit back and do nothing. Far too many people feel that change has to happen, whether it is with the country’s finances, cost of fuel, utility prices, immigration or even simply accessing the services of the NHS. For these reasons and many more, I have decided to stand for both the Cheshire West and Cheshire elections in 2023 and the General Election in 2024.

Together with your help, we can make a difference. Join me and find out how.