Change they all cry; but to what?

Reform UK Let's Make Britain Great

With just ten days to go before the next General Election, all I seem to see from candidates of all parties is a consistent mantra.

‘We want change’ they shout. ‘Time to get the Tories out’ they cry.

Whilst there may be general agreement that the Tories have done a spectacularly bad job over the past five years, and most people are eager for something to change, there has been little in the way of hard policy from any of the other political parties. 

This is a real problem.

All the candidates are shouting for change, using it as a rallying cry and hoping to get people to march behind them, but there’s one big elephant in the room.

Change to what?

It’s great that so many people want change, but what change do you want? And how can you be sure, even if you do know what changes you want, that those changes are what the country needs?

Wishing rid of the conservative government is a change that a lot of people desire, but what do they think any incoming government will do to improve their lives? 

We’ve seen very little detail over the past couple of years, just a set of vague ideals and promises from Kier Starmer and the shadow cabinet. Even now there is a lack of willingness by him and his party to commit to doing anything if they are elected. There’s a vacuum of policy ideas from the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, still reeling from their leaders’ involvement in the Post Office scandal, seem bereft of original ideas.

None of them actually offer change. They all appear to be offering a tinkering around the edges with a guarantee of continuity, slightly left of centre socialism. 

Reform UK are different. We’ve had fully costed proposals available for people to read for the past three months. Policies that get to the heart of the problems facing the U.K. today. Policies that are radical in some respects, but necessary to ensure that our society and way of life can continue.

Because one thing is crystal clear to anyone who stops to think about it for a moment. If we carry on along the path we currently occupy, things will only get worse.

We need to find a new path, a new trajectory for Britain. 

Remember, Einstein famously said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting a different outcome. We’ve elected the main parties in and out of office for the past quarter of a century and they’ve brought us to this point. To do so again would simply be insanity.

Something needs to change, and that something is Reform UK.